Recipe: Yummy Papaya Milk Shake

Papaya Milk Shake. Just blend ripe papaya pieces, milk and honey in a blender and voila! papaya milkshake is ready. How to easily make super healthy Papaya milk shake recipe. Papaya milkshakes make a sweet, refreshing treat, especially if you have access to fresh papayas.

Papaya Milk Shake You can add some ice cubes if you want to. With Papaya Milkshake can help you to fight the problem of indigestion. It is also a potent force against intestinal issues. You can cook Papaya Milk Shake using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Papaya Milk Shake

  1. Prepare 1 kg of Papaya.
  2. You need 11 /2 ltr of Chilled Milk 1 and half litre.
  3. You need to taste of Sugar.
  4. Prepare 1 Brick of Ice Cream.
  5. Prepare 2 Spoon of Cherry.

For those who are extremely fat, it is a good drink recipe. Add little milk and the cubed papaya in a blender/mixer and blend it to a very smooth paste. Do not blend it for a longer time it will. Refrigerating is not recommended for papaya as it will give a bitter taste.

Papaya Milk Shake instructions

  1. Take Papaya wash it and peel them off and cut into Cubes and blend it to make a smooth paste..
  2. Then put half litre Milk and 3 Scoop Ice Cream,1 or 2 Spoon Sugar and Blend it, for 2 Glasses..
  3. Now pour the Papaya Shake into glasses. Garnish with Cherries 😋😍.

Choose ripe and sweet papayas to enjoy a delicious milkshake. Papaya (gaslabu,papaw) is a refreshing and delicious tropical fruit which we can use in. Blending papaya, banana, lime, coconut milk, and coconut shavings together makes for island paradise. Papaya milkshake, how to make papaya milkshake, easy, quick, delicious papapya Papapya Milkshake is perfect for any day but during this hot summer it's even better to. If you have a whole papaya, slice away the papaya skin (using a vegetable peeler or knife).

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