Recipe: Yummy Watermelon feta salad

Watermelon feta salad. This Watermelon Salad from is so refreshing. Watermelon + cucumbers is one of the most refreshing combos of all time. Throw in some mint, red onion, and feta and toss it all with a very.

Watermelon feta salad Watermelon Salad - an unexpected concoction of watermelon, mint, feta cheese, and red onion. This watermelon salad is surprisingly perfect in every way, blending sweet and savory in one delicious bite! This watermelon feta salad is a great one to play with. You can have Watermelon feta salad using 14 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Watermelon feta salad

  1. It's Handful of spinach.
  2. You need Handful of arugula.
  3. You need Half of cucumber chopped in chunks.
  4. It's Handful of cherry tomatoes cut half.
  5. You need of Small handful grapes in half.
  6. Prepare 1 cup of chopped watermelon.
  7. It's to taste of Feta crumbled..
  8. You need of Mint leaves 10 chopped.
  9. You need of Basil leaves 10 chopped.
  10. You need of Small handful red onions finely sliced.
  11. Prepare of White wine vinegar.
  12. Prepare of Virgin olive oil.
  13. Prepare of Lime whole squeezed into salad and dressing.
  14. It's to taste of Pepper salt.

The first time tried watermelon in a salad with Feta, I was in a very trendy neighborhood eatery in Brooklyn and I loved it. All the ingredients compliment each so well and it's so pretty to look at too. This easy summer watermelon salad is perfect to make for eating under the warm sun. This watermelon feta salad recipe is a fast, fresh, and pretty summer salad that's really simple to You can't go wrong with this watermelon and feta salad.

Watermelon feta salad step by step

  1. Combine in large bowl (MINUS the feta) all fruit and veggies toss.
  2. Mix small amts of oil vinegar lime pepper salt to taste in separate small bowl.
  3. Add small amts of dressing toss..till coated to level you want. I prefer less.. about a tablespoon. Add feta lightly toss a few turns..
  4. Serve immediately and enjoy.

Watermelon and feta salad is colorful, healthy and easy to make. My favorite thing about summer time is having lots and lots of salad varieties and enjoying them all. This summer favorite in Greece is a delightful summer salad of watermelon, feta cheese, thin slices of red onion, and balsamic vinegar. Watermelon salad with feta cheese, lime, mint, and parsley. Call me unadventurous, but I had never even heard of a watermelon feta salad before versions of it.

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