How to Make Yummy Ofe akwu

Ofe akwu. Nigerian Banga Soup or Ofe Akwu is native to the Niger Delta and the South Eastern parts of Nigeria. In the Niger Delta areas, Banga soup is commonly eaten with various fufu recipes: Starch, Pounded Yam, Semolina, Garri and Cassava Fufu. Ofe Akwu is usually eaten with white rice while Banga soup is eaten with Starch ( pronounced stash by the Niger Deltans.

Ofe akwu It is similar to the Efik's Banga Soup,which is traditional prepared with native spices, known as Banga spices. These spices gives the soup a unique taste and flavor, which makes it a bit different from the Igbo's Ofe Akwu. It's common to see Ofe Akwu served as a sauce for boiled Rice or yams,but you can also enjoy it. You can cook Ofe akwu using 9 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ofe akwu

  1. It's of Palm fruits.
  2. It's leaves of Scent.
  3. Prepare of Stockfish.
  4. You need of Salt.
  5. You need of Onion.
  6. Prepare cubes of Star.
  7. It's of Crayfish.
  8. It's of Red pepper.
  9. You need Tin of tomatoes.

Ofe Akwu is one of the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria's most popular soups. It is the Igbo version of the all-too-popular Banga soup. It is a very rich soup made with Palm nut extract/juice. Ofe Akwu is mostly served with boiled rice, unlike the Delta version which is mainly served with Starch or other swallows.

Ofe akwu instructions

  1. Boil and pound the palm fruits in mortar remove and rinse with warm water.make sure the water is not too much so that it wont be watery so use the water rinsed out to rinse the remaining pounded palm fruits..
  2. Boil adding tin tomatoes and stockfish till is thick.add crayfish,pepper,salt and star cubes.onces it has boiled for fifteen minutes rinse and slice the scent leaves boil small and enjoy ofe akwu with boiled rice..

Ofe akwu is the Igbo version of the famous Banga soup. Its base is juicy palm fruit extract and it is served mainly with rice. I think Deltans take theirs with starch and other swallows. Ofe akwu is actually VERY easy to prepare, way easier than tomatoes stew sef. Ofe akwu is very easy to prepare, the only tedious part is the processing of the palm nuts.

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