How to Make Yummy Noodles with plantain

Noodles with plantain. The plantain noodles crisp up nicely when sautéed in a little coconut oil and make a crunchy bed for A green plantain on the other hand will create lovely noodles. Oh and if you're looking to buy a. "An interesting way to use plantains! Plantain noodles are tough to make, but once you accept that you're going to get mostly half moons, it's all good.

Noodles with plantain Plantain: A Healing Herb in Your Backyard. Plantago lanceolata (ribwort plantain) and Plantago major (broadleaf or greater plantain) are edible garden weeds that not only have numerous health benefits, they also happen to be highly underused. Know about Plantain in English and known as Vaayaka in Hindi. You can have Noodles with plantain using 9 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Noodles with plantain

  1. You need 1 pack of noodles.
  2. You need of Onion.
  3. You need of Pepper.
  4. Prepare of Red onga.
  5. Prepare of Plantain.
  6. Prepare of Egg.
  7. It's of Very small amount of oil.
  8. Prepare of Garlic.
  9. It's 1 cube of Maggi.

Plantain or Vaayaka nutritional Green or under ripe plantains are the ones used in cooking and is a staple food in many tropical areas. See more ideas about Plantain recipes, Plantains, Baked plantains. Plantains look like bananas, but they're much starchier, and therefore do a terrific job of filling in for potatoes (even if they aren't as. A wide variety of instant noodle options are available to you, such as product type, certification, and style.

Noodles with plantain instructions

  1. Boil ur little amount of water, add ur egg little oil, then add ur noodle to boil, add onion, pepper, red onga, maggi nd garlic. Cover nd Allow to boil in low heat, when is half done add ur noddle spicies..
  2. For ur plantain, heat oil on pan in medium heat, find a separate bowl nd cut it into thin slices add a pinch of salt nd fry until golden brown 😋.

Plantains are probably my favorite food that I tend to forget about. I think lots of people can relate? For these burritos I decided to cook up some spicy baked tofu to go with my pan-fried plantains. The plantain weed goes by several other names, such as white man's foot, rabbit ears, dooryard plantain Native to the Eurasian continent, broadleaf plantain now grows in many parts of the world. Plantain is a widespread weed found in virtually every lawn in America.

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